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White Light Elements – an organization that designs & conceptualizes products that aid in leading a ‘Conscious Lifestyle’ through various Conscious Feel Practices such as Gratitude, Awareness, Relaxation, Forgiveness and many more, with one concept attached to each product. Our products are layered between 04 segments: Home Décor, Mindful Practice Products, Home Linen & Apparels.

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In a beautiful winter of 2016, a desire rose. A desire that was kindled by a reflection of a happy, peace and blissful life. The desire was heart-felt, deep and pure. It was to make every being experience the same happiness, peace and bliss. This transpired into a genuine intention to make Earth a happier place and enhance its positivity. A common desire, a vision and an intention were enough to bring them together, join hands and set off on a journey to turn this into reality!