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What is USDA Organic Certification?

The USDA organic label appears on the packaging of biologically and culturally produced products. This seal is crucial for every company that ensures their product conserves biodiversity. The National Organic Program implements the organic regulations, ensuring the integrity of the USDA Organic Seal.


What are the benefits of the USDA organic certification?


  • Becoming certified organic is an arduous process filled with many challenges. Meeting the standards means that producers and handlers must be able to show that their products are organically produced and handled, which can be challenging for some small-scale farmers.
  • The USDA National Organic Program has strict regulations for producers and handlers who want to be certified organic. The process of becoming certified organic helps producers and handlers market their products to consumers.
  • Organic farming practices are a great way to increase biodiversity. This is because organic farming allows for a variety of crops to be grown and it doesn’t use any pesticides or fertilizers that can harm the environment. Organic farming has been shown to increase biodiversity by providing a variety of crops and not using harmful pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Organic farming practices are often seen as a way to improve water quality. This is because organic farms use more petite pesticides and fertilizers than conventional farming.


What are the standards of USDA organic?


The USDA organic certification is a way for farmers to distinguish their products as organic.

To be certified, the farmer must follow the standards set by the USDA. The criteria include no use of antibiotics or synthetic hormones, no genetic engineering, and no irradiation. Additionally, the farmer must be certified by an independent third party, such as the Organic Crop Improvement Association. Sustainable farms do not use artificial pesticides. Certified sustainable farms must educate their customers and supply them with a copy of their standard operating procedures.


What is the difference between USDA and GOTS certification?


USDA is a certification for the United States Department of Agriculture. It certifies that the product was grown and processed in the US. GOTS is an organization that empowers organic products.

USDA certification is not as strict as GOTS certification. The USDA lists substances, including chemicals, which are not allowed in organic products. GOTS does not allow any of these substances and is much stricter than USDA regarding regulating production processes for organic food products.


What are the brands using USDA organic certification?


Many brands use USDA organic certification, including some of the most popular brands in the natural and organic food industry. Some of these brands include Annie’s, Horizon, and organic Valley. As a result of USDA organic certification, products meet strict standards. A certification like this ensures that a brand’s products are high quality and sustainably produced.