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What is standard 100 by Oeko Tex certification?

The increasing disclosure about the horrifying effects of the fashion industry on biodiversity has led to consumers questioning how the products are made, encouraging producers to try a cleaner and more ethical way of production.

You might have often seen the Oeko Tex label on products like towels, bedsheets, and clothing. Oeko Tex is a research institute that associates itself with testing for safe and sustainable products in the textile industry. This institution was opened in 1992 and deals with the testing and certification of textile products.

When you come across any textile product with a STANDARD 100 label by Oeko Tex, it is certain that every component of the product has been tested and is completely harmless for human health.


What are the key features of this certification?


This certification comes with a list of features that are of benefit to the consumers which include-

  • Every component of the product is tested starting from every thread to the added accessories like buttons and zippers
  • This test is globally standardized and is renewed each year based on new scientifical research
  • All the tests are conducted and the certificates are issued by an independent testing institute under Oeko Tex
  • As a consumer you can always check the validity of the certification by the given number on each certified label.


What are the objectives of standard 100 by Oeko Tex certification?


The main objective of Standard 100 by Oeko Tex is to make a standardized assurance system for retailers and manufacturers all over the world rather than local standards of evaluation. It helps consumers make the right choice for the future generation and also encourages producers to indulge in eco-friendly harmless production. It also provides a tool for companies to validate the use of sustainable and harmless products.


What products can be certified under this?


This institute mainly focuses on the textile industry, but the range of materials that comes under it is huge. All apparel products starting from the thread to the finished good can be certified under this. Other materials include- all accessories in clothes including buttons and zippers, chemicals used for print on clothes, metal and glass, foams and plastics, and leather.


What are the benefits of this certification?


Oeko Tex certification comes with a bunch of benefits for both the retailers and the consumers. As for the retailers-

  • Building your product assurance system is costly as compared to giving the work to the Oeko Tex institution. Also, this is cost-friendly as it does tests in all stages, so if you have already tested the components, you do not have to get your product tested.
  • Another benefit for the brand is that Oeko Tex labels are trusted by the majority of consumers. Investing in the labels increases the creditability of the company.

Oeko Tex is one of the world’s best-known labels for testing textiles for harmful substances, thus making it a trusted certification for consumers.


How is Oeko Tex different from other certifications?


You might come across a product with multiple labels making you wonder what is the requirement for all these certifications. Many labels test and verify the sustainability of various products. Oeko Tex majorly focuses on the end product ensuring it is sustainable and harmless to humans. On the other hand, the institutions like Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) work to verify that the raw materials for the product are grown in an eco-friendly manner. For example, material like rayon is not grown so cannot be verified under GOTS or USDA. This is when Oeko Tex comes in, which verifies the usage of toxic substances in rayon.


What are some of the Standard 100 by OEKO TEX certified clothing brands?


These certifications are majorly voluntary and not compulsory by law, but in the business world what the buyers demand is what the suppliers have to supply. With sustainability trending in the modern world, customers are demanding eco-friendly products which is encouraging more and more brands to get their products verified and tested. Some of the popular brands that are certified under Oeko Tex are- Outline Denim, Adrenna, Loomstate, Colourful Standard, Everlane, Sezane, and many more.