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What is slow fashion and why it matters?

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion corresponds to the belief and idea that it is important to analyse all the pros and cons of fashion items out for sale in the ecosystem, and relate them to what you wear each time you choose an outfit before leaving your home each day! Slow fashion aptly corresponds to being slow with fashion. In this world of fast fashion being stylish and fashionable is a synonym for being wasteful.

The new weekly and daily styles, fashionable couture dresses and fast fashion walks in our daily lifestyles are more or less being considered unfair and unjustified to the ones who are just buying into the culture.

The problem with fast fashion is that these clothing items come from manufacturers and artisans who use low-quality goods and services to make and sell them in the market because of a high and raging demand. This way only it is possible to sell them at lesser prices and supply for the fast-paced and emerging fashion world. These low-quality products are chosen by manufacturers to make fashion items from the by-products of synthetic petrochemicals.

Why does slow fashion matter?

The fact that we are buying more clothes than ever and we are very quick to discard the garment very often just as how we realise that it is no longer to the norms of the hip culture anymore. In 2014, we bought 60 per cent more garments than we bought in 2000. These rising numbers and even rising needs to discard the garment just after one wear is a great boost to the degradation of the environment and our resources.

Most of our clothes are made of plastic, which also means they are non-biodegradable, sending them to landfills to get piled up as they are being on the rate of one garbage truck per second, means giving way to the garbage of these garments to survive for the next 200 years.

The fashion we wear or have started to wear and dispose of utilises lakhs of tonnes of water. One cotton T-shirt uses 2700 litres of water to get made. This is a huge contribution to the disruption of the water shortages we might face very shortly.

Why is Slow Fashion the need of the hour?

Slow and sustainable fashion will be the future of the earth. A variety of clothes at meagre prices might be very tempting but is just a wasteful need of fashion-stricken people. Their damage to the earth is always left unseen.

This shift in the consumer space will push the higher companies of bigger brands in the direction to save the environment and contribute to giving sustainable clothing lines which might now become appealing to many as the awareness is rising higher and faster.

The satisfaction you and your beloved brands will receive after quality goods and apparel are sold in the market is incomparable to the thrill of wearing fast fashion every day and disposing of the other week!