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Top Reasons to buy Recycled Cotton Clothes over Conventional Cotton

The vast quantity of raw material for recycled cotton comes from pre-consumption or post-industrial cotton waste, i.e. cotton scrapes and fibres discarded while cutting, and manufacturing the fabric for clothing, accessories, home and furnishing. A small portion also comes from pre-consumption fabrics which include fibres and scrapes from used clothes, accessories and products, but since the recycling process of post-consumption fabrics is complicated, only 1% of the clothing and fabric products manufactured worldwide re-enter the fashion industry to be manufactured into new yarns. Recycled cotton can be used for an array of fabrics ranging from home textiles and clothing, industrial cleaning clothes and even paper that’s of higher quality than the ones made of wood pulp. The following are some reasons which will let you understand in depth the need of conserving water.

1. Reduced Energy Use:

The amount of energy required to make use of recycled cotton is significantly less than what’s required to grow and manufacture virgin cotton. Recycled cotton can also be re-purposed or reused for a variety of things without being processed, for simple things such as rags mops etc.

2. Reduced Waste:

Around 15 million tonnes of textile waste is dumped every year increasing by each passing second, 95% of which can be recycled and brought back to the manufacturing cycle. The textile industry is one of the highest waste-producing industries in the world, by using recycled cotton numerous cotton products are diverted from their final inevitable destination i.e. landfills reducing the overall needless waste produced during the manufacturing process and helping the environment significantly with the fact.

3. Water Conservation:

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the apparel industry, hence its manufacture has a significant impact on water bodies. We can say that cotton manufacturing is responsible for the extinction of virtually an entire sea due to it being a water-intensive plant, whereas recycled cotton requires much less water to be used in its manufacturing process than virgin cotton, therefore manufacturing recycled cotton is a much better choice than growing virgin cotton when it comes to saving water.

4. Environmental Benefits:

Using recycled cotton benefits the environment in many ways. Cotton farming accounts for 11% of the world’s global pesticide usage, a lot of which is unnecessary. Fewer fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides are utilized in the manufacturing process of recycled cotton greatly helping the environment with the decreased numbers. Also recycled cotton gives out reduced CO2 and fossil fuel emissions, a major factor that greatly helps the environment again.

5. Durability and Other benefits:

  • The cotton that comes out after the mechanical recycling process often loses its durability, it is hence mixed with some virgin cotton or polyester, making the final product even more durable than virgin cotton. The durability also depends on the type of recycling method used, very often though the chemically processed yarn comes out with higher durability and strength than that virgin cotton.
  • The material is also softer and lighter compared to virgin cotton, making it more breathable and quicker in drying.
  • The high absorbency rate is also a plus point which makes it ideal for home and industrial cleaning rags.
  • Lastly, recycled cotton is biodegradable and can be recycled further again making it more environment friendly.

The reasons mentioned above are a few of the many but important reasons why we should use recycled cotton, but hopefully, these reasons were enough to enlighten you about the benefits and other environmental advantages of using this eco-friendly and resource-saving fabric.

Photo by Marina Ermakova on Unsplash