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Terminologies Related to Carbon Neutral Fashion

Often to confuse people, brands use multiple fashion jargon as a marketing tactic. With the rise of sustainable fashion in the online world, a lot of puzzling words have been moving around. 

The carbon footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by individual activity. Climate change is the result of this escalated amount of CO2 in the air. Since sustainability, climate change and carbon footprint are the hot topics of recent years, related terms are moving around the internet. Let’s find out their meanings.

Carbon Neutral Clothing/Fashion

Any clothing item that is made by neutralizing the carbon dioxide released by absorbing or eliminating it from the atmosphere is carbon-neutral clothing. Let’s say, n amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air while creating a garment. Eliminating that n amount from the air makes that clothing carbon neutral. 

Climate Positive Clothing/Fashion

Any clothing item that is made by making positive additions to the environment is climate-positive clothing. It means while making a garment the amount of CO2 released is equally eliminated and in addition to that, some benefits are made to the atmosphere. It is a step beyond carbon neutral fashion.

Climate Neutral Clothing/Fashion

Quite similar to carbon neutral fashion, climate neutral means eliminating the harmful carbon dioxide released to zero but, additionally reducing other harmful gases that may have been created, including methane, nitrous oxide etc.

Carbon Negative Clothing/Fashion

Exactly the same as Climate Positive, Carbon Negative is the term used to describe a situation of eliminating the generated carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and making some benefits to it. In short, carbon negative is another word for climate positive. Let’s not get confused between the two. 

Carbon Positive Clothing/Fashion

This one’s another term to confuse the public. And again, it means the same as climate positive and carbon negative fashion.

Net-Zero Emission Fashion

A similar concept to being carbon neutral, net-zero emission means neutralizing the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) released by absorbing or eliminating them from the atmosphere. Unlike carbon neutral, net-zero emissions go beyond only carbon dioxide. 

Net- Zero Carbon Emission Fashion

Any activity performed by an individual that releases net-zero carbon to the atmosphere is net-zero carbon emission. Creating a garment by using the energies efficiently and not releasing heavy amounts of CO2 in the air is a Net-zero carbon emission fashion.

These terms can be confusing for the common people. To understand better, you can ask brands about the grounds that they define the terms. Many brands are transparent to the public about their activities while some only use them as a marketing strategy. Ask them out. Choose well.

Photo by Brandon Erlinger-Ford on Unsplash