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Reasons to Add Recycled Leather Products to your Cart

Introduction to Recycled leather

Recycled leather is a mix of fake leather and real leather. The discarded pieces or scraps of residual fabric left during the manufacturing process of genuine leather and collected and sent to the respective factory to make recycled leather. Leather processing in factories generates a lot of waste during the cutting process to make it usable, all that waste is made usable again to make clothes, furniture and whatnot, helping in waste reduction. The following are a few of the reasons which will let you know more about the benefits of using recycled leather:

Cost Effective:

The making of real leather costs a lot due to the complicated manufacturing process and the usage of animal hides, comparatively recycled leather is cheap and cost-effective due to the usage of discarded pieces which are shredded and put together with a polyurethane binder and then squeezed into fibre or paper backing.


Recycled leather can be shaped into whatever size and thickness, and can be retextured as well according to customer preferences, unlike genuine leather which is a great plus considering the fashion industry.


Recycled leather comes in a variety of textures and designs plus it has a smoother appearance, therefore customers are free to choose any texture or design they prefer. Also as the process and machinery used to get it is the same as genuine leather therefore it has the scent, look and appearance of genuine leather itself.

Easy Care:

Since recycled leather is manufactured from discarded pieces of clothing it doesn’t require special cleaning, daily care or high maintenance unlike original leather, a damp cloth will be enough to wipe the stain, and you can also rinse it freely since the thin layer does not absorb water as real leather does. Moreover, it is not affected by factors such as the sun or the rain which makes it much easier to take care of than real leather. It is also highly resistant to liquid so it doesn’t get permanent stains easily.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly:

It is a more sustainable option because we “reuse” the discarded leather scrapes that would have gone into the landfills otherwise to be burned which would have caused a lot of pollution plus in the making of recycled leather the usage of chemicals and other harmful materials are limited. This also helps in the reduction of pollution caused by the wet blue leather hides and trimmings.

High Cutting Yield:

Recycled leather is manufactured as a flawless sheet of material. It is cut from a roll rather than hides, it has less wastage and reduced costs. Recycled leather rolls result in 5% of cutting waste as compared to the 40% cutting waste generated from the cutting of leather hides

Reduction in Landfill:

Since traditional leather hides create a lot of waste, all of that goes into landfills increasing the waste produced, therefore by using those discarded pieces of leather left over during the manufacturing process we can help in the reduction of landfill levies and also the pollution that is caused while burning those waste scrapes deposited at the landfills.

Hinders Animal Killing:

A lot of animals are killed time and time again in the leather-making process, using recycled leather helps in the reduction of that brutality, as the lather is produced from waste scrapes combined with natural material.

Lower Carbon footprint:

Recycled leather is manufactured using leather scapes combined with natural material instead of harmful chemicals or oils, also because of the recycled leather manufacturing discarded scrapes of leather are not burnt, therefore the process has a lower carbon footprint than that produced in the manufacturing of the original leather.

There are numerous other reasons for buying sustainable, eco-friendly and easy-to-take care of leather, but hopefully, these few top reasons were enough to convince you into doing so.

Image- Pexel