Creating the proucts in Tune with the Nature!

We try to keep the soil raw, by Not baking it. The way we take it from the nature, we try to give back in similar way. The jewelry is handpainted based on unique themes. We can customize any design or a theme. Feel unique as these sets are copyrighed.

Sustainability Simplified


Brand Story

As the name suggests, we at Nature’s Best believe in creating beautiful products out of Natural resources. We emphasise that, they ll create almost zero or minimum amount of waste, while manufacturing as well as while disposing them off. We aim at keeping them little unporocessed, so that they make little less harm to the Nature. The Color, Design, Theme, everything can be customized. We use stone, timber, bamboo and soil.
Our main philosophy is to keep it raw and rustic and yet keep it beautiful and elegant.

Super Human

Hi! I am shilpa the founder of Nature’s Best!!
To begin with, I have 10yrs of diversified experience in the field Business Management.
My hobbies include dancing, reading and traveling to unexplored places. Also I enjoy cooking and the one I really enjoy is.. sit and do nothing!! 🙂
I love nature and treks and have been a part of these treks for a long time now!!
I believe that man is the only species in the world who litters around!!
I wanted to make products which create zero or mimimum amount waste and that is how nature’s BEST was born in 2017..
These products are almost waste free and have got so many positive reviews of happy customers!!
This is guilt free jewelry and makes me happy!!