Kaizen The Label


A slow fashion eco-conscious label, ‘Kaizen the label’ stands for all things fair, slow, and sustainable.
Founded in Assam and working with local weavers and handloom organizations across the country we embrace the essence of Indian craftsmanship, eco-friendly elements, and conscious mindful living.

Handcrafted fashion
Eri Ahimsa Silk



Kaizen the label was launched with two primary goals:
1. To bridge the gap among craft communities & urban cultures.
2. Use the so-called “waste” in fashion to create conscious fashion.

At the beginning the goal was to start an artisanal craft-based design label. But after the research, learnings and travelling during the initial years, it has now transformed into a slow fashion brand ticking multiple boxes of sustainability. Artisanal crafts are still a strong part of the brand, but it is also environmentally-conscious. We use underdog lesser known eco-textiles like eri silk and hemp and work and collaborate with only transparent businesses and professionals. With every new collection, we have been improving our steps towards sustainability measures. Our next steps are to use natural dyes and improve on our upcycling measures and sustainable packaging.


Kaizen the label is founded by Namrata Gohain. She is a sustainable fashion designer supporting & promoting Indian heirloom crafts and an advocate for responsible consumption & production (SDG 12). A design graduate from NIFT, Mumbai, in her final graduation project at college, she only used the scraps of other students’ fabric to create her own collection, titled “Rags to Riches”. That was the start of her sustainable fashion journey as she figured out how much waste is generated while making clothes. After working in domestic retail brands & export houses for a few years after graduation, she also figured out another major problem in the fashion industry and that is the exploitation of artisans and disrespect towards heirloom crafts. In 2015, she quit her job in Mumbai and travelled back to her hometown in Assam to start her own craft-based sustainable & low-waste label. With the brand, she aims to get Indian artisanal crafts and underdog sustainable natural textiles a better market and increasing its popularity among youth and bring dignity of labour to artisans of India. Founding a sustainable label was never just a career highlight for her but is the reason for a very personal holistic journey & growth as a human.