Create your own store with selected products and earn flat 3% commission on every sale.

(All costs regarding delivery, returns, post usage returns and payment charges will be taken care by Infinite X)

Infinite X Entrepreneur Program

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    How to be a good entrepreneur?

    There are multiple ways to be a good entrepreneur.

    1. Grow slowly: Do not rush to grow your influence base. First, start communicating with few people who have similar values as yours.
    2. Be passionate: Let your passion for sustainability speak for you. Do not fake it.
    3. Know your products: Get to know about product in detail before listing them in your store.
    4. Be active and consistent: Your influence base will take time to build trust on you. Meanwhile be consistent in your communication and actively reply to their doubts.
    5. Choose the right products: Understand the interest of your influence base and select products accordingly.
    6. Choose multiple channels: Choose multiple channels to reach out to your influence base like social media, whatsapp, blogs, videos, quora, etc.

    Which platforms you can use to open your own store?

    There are multiple platforms on which you can create your own store.

    1. WhatsApp Stop: Convert your personal account into a business account and create a catalogue of products.  
    2. Mobile Apps: There are apps which you can directly use to create such stores like Bikayi, Digital Dukaan, etc.
    3. Websites: You can create your own website and list products there. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Infinite X Entrepreneur Program work?

    You can create your own sustainable fashion store using products available on Infinite X. You can then sell these products to your customers and earn money.

    How much do I have to pay to join the program?

    There are absolutely no costs involved in joining or being part of the entrepreneur program.

    What are the criterias of being an entrepreneur?

    If you are a sustainability enthusiast, you can be a part of the Infinite X Entrepreneur Program. 

    How do I earn in this program?

    You earn 3% commission from qualifying purchases through your store. A qualified purchase is an order which has been successfully delivered to the customer and has not been returned.

    What if the customer returns or cancels the order?

    Please note that if a customer cancels or returns an order, you will not be paid commission for it. The commission is calculated only once the order is fully complete and successful.

    What is the payment cycle?

    We count the payment cycle from the first to last day of each month. The balance for the said month will be settled in 30 to 45 days after the last day of that month. E.g. balance of May month will be settled between 1st to 15th July.

    What are the requirements to process a payment?

    To process any payment we would require your bank account details. If you have a GST number we would require you to raise a GST invoice to process your payment.