HERE2STAY is a homegrown sustainable fashion label which aims to provide value to people’s wardrobes by providing best quality garments which are designed to last. Our garments are made using Eco-friendly fabrics and dyed using natural dyes. We also take care of fabric waste we generate by upcycling them into different products.

Handcrafted fashion
natural process
Organic Cotton



HERE2STAY is here for a purpose. When in college, Shivani (the founder) learnt all about fast fashion and when lockdown happened, she started researching about different things and came across the problems caused by fast fashion industry. That is when she decided to build a brand which solves the problems created by fast fashion brands. Today, HERE2STAY works on creating products that not only benefit the wearers but also the makers and the environment as a whole.


Shivani Parmar heads the brand. She is the designer and founder of the Brand.
She works with independent tailors, Weavers and Embroidery artists on project basis. Her goal is to provide employment to Talents and help them earn fair living wages.