Dhaaga Organic Linen Brand
Dhaaga Organic Linen Brand


Born from the spirit of living with less, ‘Dhaaga’ is an environmentally and socially conscious brand that unifies comfort with beauty and community. Our clothes are made of 100% linen fabric. We believe in the freedom of uncommon beauty, honesty and imperfection.  Aiming to embody the future of fashion: contemporary, sustainable, and timeless.

Handcrafted fashion
natural process
Organic Linen

Dresses and Jumpsuits

Made of 100% Linen
Linen is warm in winters and cool in summers

Tops and T-shirts



Dhaaga Fashion Brand Logo

The brand was born from the ambition of creating a fashion brand that was true to its values.
‘Dhaaga’ for all seasons- who we are now, who we are becoming, and what we hope to attain. We practise radical creativity, revolutionary beauty, and a future that is self-sustaining.