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Buying Recycled Down Material and Why?

First things first, what is this recycled down?

Reusing the down after the customer has fully utilized it till the end stage is known as RECYCLED DOWN. When the leftovers of the down are entirely utilized in the making of other products like cushions and mattresses, the materials are rewardingly recycled. Hence, it contributes to the reduction of waste. This process includes reusing trash and is very fruitful in reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide. Highest warmth-to-weight of any insulation

But the biggest question is, are they warm enough? Yes, it is.

As the most effective insulating material available, down provides several important advantages. Each ounce of high-quality down contains more than a million fluffy filaments interlocking and overlapping to form a layer of still air that maintains warmth during the coldest periods.

Most lightweight, warm and compressible insulation on the market

Down produces the most high-end aggregates that hold onto the warmth and breathability in the material for a longer time. It is the best insulation material that is easily compressible and very lightweight.

Wick away body moisture

As previously stated, Down has clusters that keep the warmth for a longer period hence absorbing body moisture more easily.


Due to its natural occurrence, compostability, and biodegradability, down is an eco-friendly and sustainable insulating material. Down has the lowest carbon usage of all materials used for insulation because of this very reason.


Down is an easy-to-use material as after using it for a long time, one can easily wash it and it can be dried and will easily go back to its normal form. It can be sustainably used for years if it’s properly taken care of! Yes, it costs a little more and is worth it.


Opting for Polyester instead of down because of allergy problems is not an issue anymore, as down is nicely washed and goes through a good cleaning process before putting it on sale. As people are more likely to get an allergy because of the feathers used, Washing it regularly with good cleansers can help keep problems like allergies far away.


Using a down material is more likely to wick away body moisture and the material is more breathable because of the aggregates produced by down. On the other hand, after comparing polyester and down, one can tell the difference between the breathability of the two materials.


Image- Vaude