Baka Jewellery
Baka Jewellery


At Baka, we’re looking at going beyond designing sustainable fashion, to designing sustainability and a better world through good design.

Handcrafted fashion



Baka is India’s first holistically sustainable jewelry label. We go beyond looking only at eco-friendliness to looking holistically at the many other aspects of sustainability, including the social, the cultural and the economic. We believe sustainability can be mainstreamed into fashion through good design, and that is exactly what we intend to deliver to you. Each of our slow-designed pieces is meticulously crafted by hand using sustainable materials.



Founder-Principal Designer

The thought of working at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability sounded impossible to many, especially alongside having a family, doing a PhD, writing a few books, and running a studio. Baka happened because for Rebecca, moving between furniture and jewelry was porous and simply a re-articulation of space. The ear became her ceiling and the shoulder her floor in the case of earrings. Because she believed that a condensed artefact—where meters become millimetres—is all the more precious.


We are a tiny, but proud team of people who truly want to be the change we want to see. We work in a collaborative mode, because we are a learning studio. Our core team comprises a small but dedicated design and prototyping team led by Rebecca at our atelier in Ahmedabad. We co-create with craftspeople, our clients, and each other to create things slowly, and with love, which we hope will stay around for a long long while, because you love them.