Ardeo Ecofriendly Athleisure Mobile


Every individual would love to make eco-friendly, earth conscious, sustainable choices provided he/she finds the right alternative without compromising the quality, functionality and affordability. Ardeo strives to be at the service of every such individual. Ardeo apparel is made from ‘Eco Friendly Fibers’. These fibers’ production process has a low impact on the environment.

Organic Cotton
Global Recycling Standard
Global Organic Textile Standard



Sports – The collection majorly consists of apparel made of recycled polyester intended to serve the functionalities of athletic activities like moisture wicking, breathability, light weight and quick dry.


Sachin Yaragal, Rajat Banne, Romit Jain and Chetan Hiremath are all passionate young entrepreneurs who recognized the need for sustainability in fashion industry, which is the second largest source of pollution leading to drastic changes in the climatic conditions. The young team understands the pulse of millennial generation and is committed to provide specific sustainable alternatives to the fashion choices made by this generation.