Vision: To lead the fashion industry into a better and more sustainable future for all, one step at a time.

Mission: Make sustainable fashion effortless, accessible, and non-compromising. Keep the clothes in their highest possible value form for the longest possible period. Minimize the carbon footprint of all the stakeholders of fashion industry.


There are two stages in a product’s life cycle namely pre-consumer stage and post-consumer stage. The journey of a cotton shirt from its manufacturing to its sale until it reaches its consumer is called the pre-consumer stage. While its journey from the consumer to landfill or recycled/refurbished/upcycled product after being discarded is called the post-consumer stage.  

We at Aurobi believe that sustainability is not just about reducing the harmful environmental impacts in the pre-consumer stage but it’s also a lot about reducing them in the post-consumer stage.

A recent report suggests that approximately 26 billion pounds (118 lac metric tonne) of textiles end up in landfills annually. The situation is only getting worse with each passing day.

We believe in a new normal where every product meets the highest standards of sustainability in the pre-consumer as well as the post-consumer stage. We strive to achieve this goal with the help of our sustainable brand partners, valued customers and circularity (re-use, refurbish, re-manufacture, recycle) partners. With continuous innovation, we try to keep 100% of the products sold on Aurobi in the value chain as long as possible.


  • By creating circular product loops
  • By simplifying sustainability for our customers 

Circular Product Loops

We create super sustainable product loops by partnering with best sustainable brands, conscious customers and responsible circularity (re-use, re-manufacture, recycle, etc.) partners.

Partnership with best sustainable brands

We partner with brands that  religiously follow sustainable practices while curating their products. Their sustainability values include practices such as use of 100% organic material, use of vegan materials, eco-friendly processing, fair trade, fair wage,  etc. Our brand partners don’t just sell products. Each one of them has an interesting story and a compelling purpose behind their existence.

Engagement with customers with high sustainability values

Customers are the most important part of our value chain. Their support towards Infinite X helps drive this whole initiative towards its goal of zero landfill.

Collaborating with Circularity Partners

Our circularity (re-use, re-manufacture, recycle, etc.) partners help us complete the circular loop. They ensure that every clothing collected from our customers comes back into the value chain instead of ending up in a landfill. We ensure that the post-usage returned products reach the right circularity partner in right time for them to go through the right process in order to derive maximum value out of them, thereby reducing the harmful effect of fashion on our planet.