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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Upcycled Fashion

First of all, sustainable fashion shouldn’t be a choice, rather, it should be a social responsibility. A lot of emphasis has already been put across by different institutions of society on how this big business of fashion is polluting the planet at large. It is our actions that are resulting in a massive negative effect on the ecosystem. Creating cheaply made clothes to meet the demands for hot new styles is increasing at an alarming rate and now is the best time to start acting upon it.

Many designers and brands are individually and collectively making efforts to lower their impact. Creating clothes from sustainable materials, slow & ethical production, recycling and upcycling, renting, keeping transparency and spreading awareness about conscious choices are some of the efforts that manufacturers are making. As a consumer, we must rethink our buying patterns and invest in quality clothing. You can guiltlessly invest in upcycled products because buying new ones is not always an option. We believe there shouldn’t be any reason to not buy an upcycled product. But we have still jotted down some key points that may convince you to invest-

Creative & Unique:

Upcycling is a technique where the old product is transformed into something new. There goes a lot of thought, design thinking and technicality in creating a new piece of higher value out of the old one. Also, since each used clothing item is different from the others, every newly created product is one of a kind. It’s almost like an art piece that can’t be replicated for the masses. Isn’t it cool to get hold of a unique product that nobody else owns?

Extends Life Span:

Upcycling a piece gives the benefit of extending its life span of it for a longer period- how sustainable! Imagine, a clothing item which you may discard after it no longer serves you a purpose can be upcycled into something better of higher value and you could use it for longer. It surely is a great feeling.

Guilt Free:

Being a conscious consumer, it often comes to mind if our unnecessary choices are making an impact on the planet or not. But buying an upcycled product certainly does not add up to the negative effects on the planet. It’s the same old piece that you’re using but differently. So you can forget about having a guilt trip for this.

Saves Natural Resources:

The amount of natural resources required to create a clothing item is huge. From water to energy, everything involved in a manufacturing process largely affects the planet. In this case, since the clothing item is already manufactured, it is just the refashioning that takes effort. It reduces the need to use fresh resources from nature and benefits in saving them up for future generations.

Saves money:

While some upcycled products can cost more than the original product because of the efforts, skills and resources implemented in it, some upcycled products can save a lot of money for you. Instead of purchasing a new product, you can save more by refashioning the old piece. Say, you have a cotton shirt that you got bored of, you can get some interesting details like embroidery added to it and it can serve you for a long without creating a hole in your pocket.


The development process of an up-cycled product doesn’t require new materials from nature. It does not even end up in the landfill to lie, nor is it made from an impractical approach. It is a sustainable option – good for the environment, and good for the people.

Manufacturers are coming up with some creative ideas to provide solutions to the issues prevailing in the industry. We, as a consumer, must also consider it our social responsibility to make conscious choices.

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash