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15 Top Reasons To Buy Tencel™ Clothing

The rapid rise of sustainable fashion has certainly created many mindful fabrics trendy in the fashion industry. Tencel™, a brand name for regenerated cellulose fibre- Lyocell, is an eco-friendly material responsibly procured from sustainably grown trees. It is an innovation that has gained popularity because of its high efficiency and low impact on the planet. To replace harmful clothing materials and create a positive impact, Tencel could be a great choice for your wardrobe. Here are 15 reasons why you should invest in Tencel—

  • Biodegradable:

Since the origin of the material is natural, the fabric material can be easily biodegraded, considering that it isn’t blended with any other synthetic materials. The material doesn’t burden the landfills but it can not be entirely decomposed if it is mixed with artificial fibres.

  • Requires less energy and water:

Compared to other conventional fabrics like cotton, growing and generating Tencel fibre relatively requires a lesser amount of water and energy. It is a plant-derived material that is mindfully grown and doesn’t harm the planet massively.

  • Requires fewer dyes:

While producing the fabric, it is developed in pure white colour. Thus, the bleaching process is eradicated. Also, unlike other fabric materials, Tencel does not require a large number of dyes to colour so it saves a lot of toxic chemicals and water from entering the ecosystem.

  • Recycles water and chemicals:

The responsibly developed Tencel fibre follows a closed-loop production system to generate the material. The water and chemicals used during the manufacturing process are 99% recovered and reused for further production. It helps in safeguarding the resources for future generations.

  • Durability:

Tencel is a strong fibre in nature. Unlike other usual fabric materials, this doesn’t shrink and loses its shape after several washes. Rather, it gets softer and builds strength over time.

  • Breathability:

The natural origin of the fibre makes it a highly breathable material. The easy inflow and outflow of the air through the fabric results in heat prevention and a comfortable feel.

  • Versatility:

The Lenzing Tencel is a highly versatile fibre. From coarse to ultra-soft, the fibres can be easily created and transformed into fabric according to the requirement. Depending upon the thickness and texture of the required fabric, it can be utilised in almost every segment of clothing.

  • Moisture Resistant:

The moisture absorbency power of the Tencel fibre is highly efficient. It tends to absorb huge amounts of moisture while keeping the surface dry. The fibres directly transport the moisture to the core of the fibre and prevent the surface from getting wet.

  • Bacterial and Odour Resistant:

Since the fibre is good at retaining moisture, it is obvious that sweat isn’t a problem in Tencel clothing. When sweat isn’t on the surface, it prevents bacteria from growing and body odour to spread.

  • Colour Retention:

The character of the Tencel fibre is such that it doesn’t require huge amounts of dyes to colour. If it is dyed, it has a high tendency to sustain the colour for a long period and doesn’t fade easily in a few washes.

  • Easy drape ability and wrinkle resistance:

The texture build of Tencel fibre is strong enough to resist wrinkles. The appearance of the fabric is clean and smooth so that you can forget about messy creases just after you wear them.

  • Softness:

Softer than conventional cotton, Tencel fabric is generally silk-type in look and feel. The fine and soft character of the fibre makes it gentle on the skin.

  • Cool and Dry:

Being resistant to moisture helps regulate the temperature accordingly. You can remain fresh and cool even in the scorching heat because of its ultimate natural character.

  • Hypoallergenic:

The highly soft texture of the fabric doesn’t irritate the skin in any season. This smooth fabric is used in bed linens and sleepwear so you can imagine the level of comfort it provides to the skin.

  • Sustainable Certifications:

The trademarked fibre of Lenzing AG has gained numerous certifications proving its authenticity and credibility. Since the fibre is highly efficient and the environmental impact it creates is very low, it has been certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel and European Award for the Environment from the European Commission. The resource, procedure and impact of the fibre are all eco-friendly and hence, it has received the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) BioPreferred® designation. It has also been certified by TÜV Austria Belgium NV as biodegradable and compostable.

So many favourable conditions, right? Invest in a Tencel clothing item and you will surely see a difference. Plus, you will not negatively impact the planet. So it’s a win-win situation!