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10 Reasons to Choose Ahimsa Silk over Regular Silk

As they say, “All that shines isn’t gold.” We have always admired the lustrous silk sarees in our mother’s wardrobe but that single silk saree requires the sacrifice of 10,000 silkworms. Should a fabric long associated with auspicious and prestigious events come with a history of so many killings? Sustainable fashion that promotes products made without damage to neither life nor the environment gave rise to a silk made out of non-violent ways, Ahimsa Silk. “Live and let live“ was one of the mottos that Mahatma Gandhi led us with to the path of freedom, and it is our duty to promote his peaceful ways wherever it is possible.

Ahimsa silk is superior to regular silk in multiple ways that will leave you surprised…

1. Non-Violent

Ahimsa silk is not just a fad that pretends to be “woke” to sell an artificial alternative to real silk. It is real silk but one that is extracted after the silk moths have already emerged from their cocoons instead of silkworms boiled alive in their cocoons. The silkworm is allowed to fulfil its complete lifecycle and only the vacant, discarded cocoons are used without harming the silkworm.

2. Smoothness

Even if it is much more lustrous, regular silk tends to have the texture of paper that feels rough on the skin. Ahimsa silk, on the other hand, is buttery smooth to touch and feels like heaven against your skin.

3. Greater Durability

Ahimsa silk is made out of a more matured silk and hence tends to be more durable as compared to regular silk.

4. Better Drapability

Regular silk happens to be stiff and draping it correctly takes a lot of effort while Ahimsa silk, due to its softer texture falls beautifully, draping elegantly across your body.

5. Sweat absorbent

We must have seen our mothers being uncomfortably sweaty in their regular silk sarees, for it doesn’t permit air nor it absorbs sweat well. Ahimsa silk permits air flow and absorbs sweat, making it a more preferable garment.

6. Wrinkle-free

Oh! the pain of ironing the delicate regular silk saree that always wrinkles easily. Ahimsa silk tends to be wrinkle free and doesn’t create creases in your overall look.

7. Comfortable

As above mentioned, putting all the factors together, Ahimsa silk is an ideal fabric that is very comfortable to wear in long gatherings and events, making its wearer much more inclusive in the event than being busy adjusting an uncomfortable regular silk saree.

8. Organic

Ahimsa silk, unlike regular silk, is made completely without the use of pesticides or insecticides on the mulberry plants and even chemicals containing toxic salts aren’t used during the manufacturing and extracting of the silk. It is given finish using natural oils instead of chemical or silicon finishes.

9. Eco-Friendly

It is produced with next to no damage to environment since no chemicals are used or harmful residues are created, making it an eco-friendly alternative to silk.

10. Guilt-free

Ahimsa silk provides one with the satisfaction of wearing a garment that hasn’t caused the death of thousands of living creatures in terribly inhumane way while providing jobs to many farmers and weavers across India.

Do you still need more reasons to prefer Ahimsa silk? It is even popular among Buddhist monks and sages, Ahimsa silk is part of Indian culture and heritage that inspires non-cruel ways to live our lives.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash